Five Lessons to Teach Canada's Food Guide in the Classroom

This series of digital lesson plans will guide students in learning about Canada’s Food Guide and facilitate a deeper understanding of concepts within the guide. Students can apply their learnings to real world scenarios and apply critical thinking skills to health messages.

Image showing Guided Discovery title pages.

Each digital lesson plan includes:

  • Student workbook available as online activity or printable worksheet
  • Teacher guide including background information, answer keys, and guided discussion questions


There are five lessons total, each highlighting a different component of Canada’s Food Guide. We recommend starting with the first lesson “Canada’s Food Guide Plate” as concepts build upon each other. You can keep the learning going with additional lessons as your class time allows. Click on the links below to try them all!

Try these digital lesson plans!


Canada’s Food Guide Plate

Mindful Eating

Eat Meals with Others

Enjoy Your Food

Cook More Often


    Canada's Food Guide

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