Memory Online Game

Challenge students to recall which food has been removed from the set. This quick online game is perfect for online classrooms.

Slide that reads “Memory” “Memoire”

To complete the Memory activity in an online learning environment, download the slide deck and follow the activity description below.  

Before completing this activity, we recommend that you read the section "How to Talk about Food with Students" in the Teacher Guide.


Curricular links: Health and Life Skills; Fine Arts  

Student supplies: none  

Format: class video discussion where you share slides (e.g., Google Meet)  


Activity Description:  

  • Explain to students that you will be playing a game of Memory.  

  • Students will have one minute to memorize the Food Picture Cards on the slide. After one minute the slides are advanced to an image where one of the cards is missing. Students try to guess which card is missing.   

  • The slides progress in difficulty.  

Get the Slide Deck

Memory Online Learning Activity
pdf icon Anglais octobre 2021 pdf (1.12 Mo)
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