Snack Time Digital Activity

Use this digital activity to learn about foods from Canada’s Food Guide and create combinations that your Kindergarten to grade 3 students will enjoy.

Slide that reads “Snack Time” “C’est l’heure de la collation”.

To complete the Snack Time activity in an online learning environment, download the slide deck and follow the activity description below. Introduction and wrap up questions are provided to generate class discussion. Suggested answers are written in italics where relevant.  

Before completing this activity, we recommend that you read the section "How to Talk about Food with Students" in the Teacher Guide.


Curricular links: Health and Life Skills  

Student supplies: drawing materials, blank sheet of paper or Snack Time worksheet  

Format: class video discussion where you share slides (e.g., Google Meet)   



Ask students:  

  • When might you eat a snack? Mid-morning, mid-afternoon, before or after a sports activity, before bed…  

  • Why might you eat a snack? To give me energy, to help me concentrate if I’m a little hungry and lunch isn’t for a while…  

  • What kind of snacks do you like?  


Activity description: 

  • Invite students to review the food picture cards on the slide and pick two cards to make a snack they would enjoy.  

  • Once they have chosen the foods, they can draw their snack on the Snack Time worksheet or a blank sheet of paper. 


Wrap up:  

Ask students:  

  • Why did you choose your snack? New food I would like to try, a food I have enjoyed before, favourite snack at home…  

  • When would you like to eat your snack? Mid-morning, mid-afternoon, before a sport, before bed…  

  • Is there a food that wasn’t shown that you might like to include in your snack? Why?  

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