A Guided Discovery of Canada’s Food Guide: Mindful Eating 4-9

Use this free interactive lesson plan to explore Canada’s Food Guide with your students and practice the principles of mindfulness and mindful eating.

Get started exploring mindful eating as part of Canada's Food Guide

This lesson will guide students through Canada’s Food Guide (CFG) with a focus on the CFG section “Be Mindful of Your Eating Habits.” Through class discussion and the digital student workbook, students will have the opportunity to build connections between their experiences and CFG recommendations. 


This lesson aims to approach mindfulness in a way that is accessible for your students and gives them the opportunity to try mindful eating to determine if there are aspects of it they would like to try in their own eating experience.  To learn more about mindfulness and mindful eating in the classroom, check out this article.


This resource includes:

  • Grades 4-9 Teacher Guides - including background information and answer key
  • Grades 4-9 Student Workbooks – available as fillable PDF or worksheet to print for your students.


There’s More!

This lesson is designed to be completed on its own or as part of the series of lessons included in A Guided Discovery of Canada’s Food Guide. Click here to explore the other lessons.

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